Snow Ghosts Vetiver – Making the video

Snow Ghosts Vetiver

The process for making the video for Snow Ghosts Vetiver was similar to the previous single Lied. The band had a pre-existing concept for their sleeve design which in this instance was moths, a theme which is brought out in the lyrics. On this occasion I was doing the video in advance of the sleeve design so didn’t have a fixed final … Continue reading

Snow Ghosts ‘Lied’ – Making the video

With co-director Mark Devenport I recently completed the official music video for Snow Ghosts ‘Lied’, their upcoming single released on April 29th by Houndstooth. The band provided the start point by telling us they wanted something closely related to the cover artwork, and thought the video should feel a bit rough and raw.     Starting from that image of two fighting stags under a stormy sky we … Continue reading