Snow Ghosts ‘Lied’ – Making the video

With co-director Mark Devenport I recently completed the official music video for Snow Ghosts ‘Lied’, their upcoming single released on April 29th by Houndstooth. The band provided the start point by telling us they wanted something closely related to the cover artwork, and thought the video should feel a bit rough and raw.     Starting from that image of two fighting stags under a stormy sky we … Continue reading

Warm and soft grade – Coventry City FC and NHS promo

This short documentary promo is a nostalgic look at Coventry City FC’s unexpected 1987 FA Cup win against Spurs. Told through personal interviews and archive footage it features generations of different families, some of whom were there on the day and new fans who were yet to be born. The film aims to publicise the new NHS campaign “Be There For The Good … Continue reading

Cold and moody grade – UoN Sports Promo

Still of canoeist from cold and moody grade for UoN promo

Last week I graded a new promo for the University of Nottingham’s large sports department. The brief for the grade was “Intense, Moody, Contrasty. Somewhat desaturated. Blue/green tint”. With 113 shots in one minute it was a pretty dense, fast paced edit so there was plenty of shot matching to do from a range of exposures and locations. Produced by Skeleton Productions, it was shot in … Continue reading